Interior Painting Services

Our company have the expertise to update and refresh the look of your home or business. Picking a color for your interior rooms can be a tedious task but our company will provide you with Color Charts  loaded with beautiful colors to choose from. Color charts are there to give you an color ideas but deciding the exact color you want is very frustrating. 

We have found a fascinating book "Paint Color Cheat Sheets" that the author, Yelena Kublitski, wrote to help customers find the right paint color easier and faster. She has proven and tested the colors so you don't have to spend hours deciding because she narrows down the choices to the best "few" in the paint color deck.    

Our suggestion is to select two or three colors that will match your artwork, a rug or a piece of furniture you already have in the room to be 

Picking a color for your interior rooms is always challenging but you can  freshen up a room by giving walls, ceilings, woodwork a new look.
After picking your colors, you can purchase, through B & B Painting Contractors, a pint of each color. which we can paint on a sample board or the wall itself.

After the board or wall dries you can look over the sample to see if this is the right choice. Sampling the colors saves you from buying too much of the wrong color.

Depending on the color you choose, painting a room could take one or two coats. Very deep colors may take more coats of paint.

At B & B Painting Contractors we take all the precautions necessary to protect your flooring, furniture and other valuables in the room.

We ask that you remove all your collectibles and other small items. We can move the furniture and will use covers for everything including the floors.  

If you prefer to stain your cabinets over your existing stain we can help you match the color already on your cabinets.

Some customers prefer to paint over their stain to give a fresh look to their room. The stain will be sanded off and a primer will be put on. After drying a colored paint will than be applied.

Wrought iron staircases and iron fences can be sanded and repainted with a new glossy color to give a vibrant look to the iron.
If your walls or ceilings have cracks or if there is damage to your sheetrock we will replace it. There is taping, floating and sanding that goes along with new or existing sheetrock and we have the expertise to do all of it.

There is always a drying time when working with sheetrock and sometimes it takes just a few hours and other times, depending on the humidity, it might take longer.

Wallpaper that is outdated on your walls we will remove. If we are unable to do so we have a technique that we use that involves covering the wallpaper with a strong sealer paint. We are than able to paint over that area with your desired color.

The interior might have some baseboards, door frames or other small carpentry jobs to be replaced before painting. 

Our products are of top quality from paint stores that we have had a long relationship with. Three of these stores are;  Sherwin-Williams, Home Depot and Lowe's. Their service is excellent towards contractors and customers and having staff that are courteous and of assistance is a great asset to us as contractors.

Don't forget - Check out the "Cheat Sheet Book" - the help you 
need to pick out the right colors for your projects has already been
done for you in this amazing book.

B & B Painting Contractors gives free estimates to prospective clients and will work with them on giving a fair price that will fit their budgets We use quality material on all our jobs.



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