Exterior Painting Services

Our painting company will protect and beautify the exterior of your home or business with a good pressure washing and painting. Replacement of any wood or siding will be accessed before proceeding. 

We do recommend cleaning the exterior before painting.
Pressure Washing:
is a great way to remove dirt, mold or flaky and loose paint. After the surface has dried than scraping and caulking is necessary so the paint can adhere to the surface. In some areas sanding may be necessary

Some customers have been interested in re-staining the fences surrounding the exterior of their home or business. Our suggestion to use a Spray Rig  to give a decent coat of stain over the present dull stain has been met with enthusiastic response.

Most of our exterior painting is done with our professional Spray Rigs.

Graco Paint Spray RigThis one is made by the Graco Company

Professional rigs deliver max power
and performance and can get a job done efficiently and with minimum clean up.  

We are experts in the application of the spraying which leaves a heavy coat of paint or stain and a smooth finish to the look. Depending on the weather, drying time is faster.

We include minor carpentry in our 
estimates as needed in the interior or exterior of your home or business.

Replacing soffits, fascia and siding on the exteriors is sometimes very necessary to prepare all surfaces for the new look.

Every home or business is unique and we realize it is your most valuable asset. That is why preparation is so important. 

Just as preparation is necessary so is the final work. We pride ourselves on being courteous with cleaning up the area when finished.

It is our pleasure to give the customer the satisfaction of knowing that at an affordable cost he can transform his exterior to an exquisite look. 

Our products are of top quality from paint stores that we have had a long relationship with. Three of these stores are;  Sherwin-Williams, Home Depot and Lowe's. Their service is excellent towards contractors and customers and having staff that are courteous and of assistance is a great asset to us as contractors.

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